A warm heart fealt hello from all of us here at Pro Realty.  As the new year fast approaches, we continue to work together as a team stregthened in many ways by your trust and confidence.

This years developments were put in place all with the intention of serving our customers with some major milestones reached.  While we cannot disclose everything we have implemented, here is a list of some of the features added to enhance our property management services:

  • Addition of 2 Assistant Managers to handle requests more efficiently
  • Digital document signing for Leases and Contracts
  • Partnership with Greater American Insurance to provide Renters Insurance for our Landlords
  • ACH payments with NO fee to our customers
  • Spin-off of Price Home Analysis web-site to separate Sales Division
  • Partnership with Rental History group to provide Rental Analysis Reports
  • Integration with, Citycribs,com, and a host of other rental sites

Now with over 20 buildings under management, 2015 was a year of preparation and careful growth.  2016 looks brighter than ever and we look forward to working with you and enhancing the value of your homes and Associations.

Should you have any questions, comments, suggestions, write us at and we will strive to make 2016 even better for you as a tenant, owner, landlord, and/or Board Member.

We also invite you to fill out a short survey in our efforts to continually improve service.  Many thanks in advance for your time.  Have a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016!


David Berk


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