Our team’s high-tech and forward thinking systems have enabled Home Owner Associations thrive in all aspects of running a successful community.


  • Maintain accurate records of all community transactions and submit on timely basis

  • Prepare annual budgets and income projections with on-line accounting program for Board Treasurer to access all Reports, Bank Statements, and Budgeting Tools.  Spending alerts on water, electric, and other bills.

  • Ensure that all HOA fees/check charges are collected, posted and deposited in a timely manner via eCheck, credit card, money-gram, or snail mail.

  • Generate necessary legal action, documents and process in accordance with State and Company guidelines.

  • Provide constant vendor/contractor communications concerning scheduling, billing, vendor relations and certificates of insurance.

  • Provide online ePayment System to make rent and dues payments.

  • Prepare annual taxes and audits

  • Reserve Fund Analysis with budget projections to 50+ years


  • Assist the Board with creating house rules and amending Offering Plan to benefit the operations of the Association.

  • Provide the Board with credit, background, sex offender, and rental history checks for prospective Association Members or Tenants.

  • Ensure proper response and handling of all community emergencies with staff, residents, buildings, etc. within company guidelines to minimize liabilities (i.e., criminal activity on community, employee/resident injuries, fires, floods, freezes, etc.).

  • Record all documents, meeting minutes, financials and communications with all Board members and residents.

Repairs and Maintenance

  • Maintain community appearance and ensure repairs are noted and completed on timely basis.

  • Super and Janitorial Team of focused cleaning professionals.

  • Protect elevators and common areas during move-in and move-outs.

  • Provide all owners with Work Request On-line System for fast response Vendor selection to a vetted and trusted team of Contractors.

  • Snow Removal and salting

  • Dedicated Customer Service Support Team

  • Create preventative maintenance plan specific for your building(s)

  • Provide list of building approved Vendors


  • Deal with resident concerns and requests on timely basis to ensure resident satisfaction with management.

  • Online work order requests and tracking

  • Amenity Booking (roof, function room booking)

  • Ensure distribution of all company or community-issued notices via Lobby Display Signs (i.e., bad weather, emergency, etc.)

  • Consistently implement policies of the community.

  • Organize voting procedures, Amendments, Meeting Minutes

  • Set Agendas and attend Board Meetings

  • Record of all emails, text message broadcasting, and notices

Safety and Emergency Response

  • 24x7 Live U.S. Based Property Agents always available.

  • Ensure compliance with all company, local, state and federal safety rules.

  • Conduct and monitor all required monthly and annual testing for boiler, elevators, fire sprinklers, and backflow water testing

  • Provide Proper Signage for all common areas

  • Provide copy of Insurance Policy for Property Management Company

  • Monthly Fire Sprinkler Testing

  • Monthly Elevator and Cat 1 and Cat 5 Testing

  • Clear past violations from records

Brooklyn Buildings Under Management

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