Brownstones and Multifamily properties have very specific needs. Budgets are typically tight and any increase in services can have a dramatic effect on monthly common charges. For this reason, Pro Realty uses a unique hub and spoke Superintendent system which results in fast repairs, lower costs per month for a full-time Super and savings through economies of scale in building supplies.


Savings in Annual Management and Supplies Cost

  • Savings on Snow Removal 100%
  • Savings on Supplies 30%
  • Savings on Repairs and Maintenance 40%
  • Savings on Insurance 10%

Multifamily and Brownstones

Our Supers handle all snow removal for your building free of charge. It’s very often that we see snow removal budgets over $1000 annually. Supplies shouldn’t cost more than $700/year for a small building. With our insurance connections we get preferred pricing on policies with lower deductibles. Many of your building’s repairs can easily be handled by our handyman staff for less than 50% of the cost of calling in a third party vendor. This is just part of the ways we serve you better than other companies. We are very sensitive to costs because we know you are, too.

5-Star Dedicated Cleaning Staff

While other managers hire a single Super to handle a building, Pro Realty separates the trash removal from the cleaning staff. By doing so, your building has a dedicated team towards sweeping, mopping, and cleaning, and a Super for trash removal and repairs. It’s more efficient, more focused, which means better service at a lower cost.

Schedule a call now to discuss your building’s financial situation and potential management needs. This is a not a sales pitch, but a free no-pressure consultation.

Free Financial Audit

Schedule a free 15-30 minute phone consultation regarding your current annual budget. We can usually spot areas where you can find savings in the $100’s or even $1000’s. Many companies over charge for regular supplies and services that you would never see with Pro Realty. We offer flat-rate pricing with complete accounting transparency, predictable budgets, and a focus on the future needs of the Association.

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